Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Producing Leads, Relationship or Revenue

Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Producing Leads, Relationship or Revenue

by Frederika Angus

I came across an article on Inc.com titled Social Media Marketing: Why It’s Not Paying Off. As a marketplace strategist and digital marketing expert, I was at first taken aback by the title. I’ve seen first hand how social media can help brands and businesses be found, be heard and also be profitable.

The article discusses that most businesses aren’t seeing the returns of the time capital they are investing on social marketing. As I thought further about why this may be true, 3 things stood out.

1) Spending too much time on social media – As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance and necessity in some instances to wear multiple hats while carrying a tray of full plates. Sometimes it feels like we could run off and join the circus with our juggling skills. One of the biggest gripes I hear from clients just like you is that there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Have you ever said that? Smart businesses understand that a social media presence is not just a nice to have; it’s a necessity. It’s where potential clients and customers check you out and even see what their friends say about you before spending with you. And it is important for your brand to show up consistently on social media.

Because it can be an effective tool for lead generation, some believe more time on social media creates more leads. In many ways this is true. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be the one to post all of your content. This is definitely one of those activities that can be easily outsourced. Perhaps you have another employee that is well versed in all things social. If not, look for a social media marketing firm that is skilled in not only being on the social media platforms but also in building connection and relationships on social media. This brings me to my 2nd point.

2) More talking than listening – Have you ever been frustrated in a conversation with someone more concerned about getting their point across over hearing what you’re saying? One of my favorite John Maxwell quotes sums it up perfectly. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” For me this is an integral part of my businesses core values. I am honored and very grateful to have clients that I partner with that I not only care about, I like them too!

When it comes to social media you’ll notice several different user types. Some are personal users and use the social sites as their online journals (read: lots of TMI). Then there are the business users that use the platform solely promote themselves and their business. In my experience and those of my clients, the most profitable and productive social media marketing efforts are those where the focus is not only what you have to offer, but also on communicating and interacting with your ideal clients where they hang out online.

3) Targeting everyone – There are 950 million on Facebook as of June 2012. There are 140 million active on Twitter as of March 2012. You would need a huge funnel to handle prospecting through all those leads available on social media. Marketing on social media is no different than traditional marketing. Knowing your ideal client profile is the foundation all marketing campaigns must be built on. While it is tempting to want to sell your products to everyone, you build the greatest brand loyalty and relationship by focusing on those who are already looking for what you solution provides.

Now tell me

Have you tried Social Media Marketing?

What is your biggest challenge with using social media for your business?

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