What are you doing with your brilliance?


What are you doing with your Brilliance?

by Frederika Angus


I looked up brilliant in the thesaurus today. I found words like intelligent, talented, sharp, clever, expert, gifted, outstanding, remarkable!

Everyday I come across some incredibly talented people. Sometimes it’s through a new interaction on Twitter. Other times, it’s in a passing conversation in the grocery store or while watching my boys’ practice football. Through every conversation, I’m able to see such potential as they talk about their dreams and aspirations. They speak with such passion about their purpose and the great impact they want to have. I end up walking away from those moments ignited again for my own business, excited for the time when one day our paths cross again and we can share not only what we hope to do, but give updates on all that we have accomplished since the last time we caught up with each other.

Unfortunately, more often than not, when we do get together again, the original excitement is now replaced with excuses of why circumstances and situations have hindered and in some cases stopped the previous momentum.

Did you know, the best time to grow a tree is 25 years ago?

You see your brilliance, your IT factor, your uniqueness and intelligence is just like seed of a tree. A seed all by itself doesn’t produce a tree. The seed is what holds the potential for a tree to grow. Holding on to the seed until the perfect conditions come to plant will almost certainly guarantee that a tree will never grow. The only way to see and enjoy the fruit of a seed is to plant it, nurture it, and watch it mature over time.

The same is true of your own brilliance.

Are you holding on to your brilliant solutions and services?

Today, I want to challenge you step out in faith and plant your seed of brilliance.

Go to the comments and tell me one thing you will commit to doing and completing in the next month for your business.

If you’re in startup mode, it may be just deciding on a website domain name or having your logo designed.

For those further along, it may be time for you to commit to regular interaction with your current clientele via a blog or adding in email newsletters.

Perhaps for others it’s time to crank up the marketing or outsource to other’s that are brilliant in areas where you are not as strong.

Whatever your next step, take it in faith knowing that your brilliance will light the way.

Talk to you soon!