Benefits of Regular Website Maintenance with a WordPress Backup

Benefits of Regular Website Maintenance with a WordPress Backup

by Frederika Angus


Several times the past couple months I’ve had a call from frantic business owners. It goes like this.

Frantic client: Frederika it’s broken! You gotta fix it.

Me: What’s broken? What happened?

Frantic client: I went to update a plugin / install a WP update and lost my whole site.

Me: That’s ok. Send me a copy of your full site backup and you’ll be back online in a few minutes.


Me: You did have a full site backup, right?

*more uncomfortable silence*

Sometimes installing new plugins, updating themes or new versions of WordPress can cause all the backend code to be affected and stop working together in harmony. This can result in 404 error pages, the inability to login to the WP dashboard or even the loss of your site content which includes widgets, themes and images. A crashed server can cause loads of damage to your business. And can you imagine having to recreate all the blog posts and articles you’ve already put your hard work into once?

The major benefit of being in WordPress is the ease of making your own updates on the fly. Not being able to write your blog articles, create new sales pages, or even point customers to your website is a major problem. These things directly impact your ability to be profitable online. If time is money, every minute you’re not able to effectively serve your clients online is money going down the drain.

Having a technical expert come along side of what you are already doing to keep you up to date is a valuable investment. Unlike a home alarm system monitoring where IF something happens THEN the company jumps into action to find a resolution; monthly WordPress backups ensure your site is ready BEFORE the need arises.

If you haven’t been at a minimum been backing up your wp database, start today. It can save you from feeling frustrated in the event your WordPress site ever goes haywire on you.

Talk to you soon!


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