Brand Strategy for Profitability Course

Get Clear On Your Business So You Can Create a Client-Attracting Brand That Paves The Path To Profits Brand

Do struggle with really defining your brand to others so they can “see” what you’re saying?

Are you just starting out but want to avoid common brand pitfalls later down the line when it could become more costly?

Do you want to showcase your brand right the first time?

As a branding strategist, I spend the important time upfront consulting with my clients helping them to get clear about what their business is about before we start the design process.

I’ve found that having a solid brand strategy from the beginning makes everything you do with your business so much easier as you grow. Having this level of clarity is essential when creating a powerful and memorable brand that makes a strong first impression. It also saves you time, money and energy before you hire a designer to create your logo, website, social media pages, and product designs.

Being clear on your brand is truly about know how you want to show up and stand out in the world. Your brand should be a reflection of who you authentically are and not be left up to the opinion and style of your graphics person.

The modules in the system is exactly how I work with my high-level, one-on-one VIP clients from the beginning as we work together. The goal is to get you started on the right track to position your brand for profitability.

If you’re looking to create a brand that grows with your business as you grow, and instantly communicates to your ideal clients – the Brand Strategy for Profitability is for you.


Module 1 – Brand Visioneering – Creating your brand vision.

Strategic and successful branding begins with the end in mind. This module will show you how to see and set the direction of the future of your business allowing you to know exactly what you need for your brand to grow. You will learn how to make your vision a reality and help you go from ideas floating in your head to actionable goals.

Module 2 – Brand Styling – Showcasing your style

Bringing what you like and who you are to the brand.

Module 3 – Brand Attracting – Including your ideal clients.

There are 3 parties in the branding process, the business owner that is represented by the brand, the designer that creates the brand and client that responds to the brand. Understanding your ideal clients

Module 4 – Brand Bragging – Sharing your uniqueness factor

Module 5 – Brand Balancing – Being brand you