Get Your Business Ready For The New Year

Get Your Business Ready For The New Year

by Frederika Angus

There are only a few days left until the new year will begin. Set yourself and your small business up for a smooth start with the following tips.

Clean out your email inbox. Delete old emails and junk mail. Unsubscribe from mailings that are no longer adding value to your business. While you are cleaning up your digital mail, be sure to archive the important mail in appropriate folders. If there are emails that you send to your clients that are customizable, be sure to save them for use as templates. This will save you time from having to type the same information repetitively. Also, take the email action items you need to take action on prioritize their completion based on a due date.

Clean your computer file folders. As you are going through the emails, you will likely find email attachments that you’d like to keep handy. Organize your folder structures with descriptive names so they are easily found. If you happen to save documents to your desktop (I know I’m guilty of sometimes doing this), find a folder to place them in or delete them. That will clear the space for your most needed items for the new year.

Clean your desk/office. Doing this in advance of the start of the new year will put you miles ahead of others. It becomes difficult to work effectively when you can’t find a pen or the contract you just printed. Take sometime and file away all your paperwork for the year and get fresh folders (especially for receipts and expenses) started. It’s a great time to also grab a new calendar for the next year so that you can map out your marketing schedule, vacations, conferences and other various activities for you business.

Clean up your website. For those who aren’t technically savvy, it’s easy to hide this task in the junk drawer with the rest of the items. Take a few minutes before the new year starts and review your website as if you were a new customer and also a returning client. Are there improvements that can be made so that potential and current clientele are very clear on what you have to offer? During your site review, ensure that © date is current.

Clean your mind. Review your successes and your challenges during the past year. Learn from them and then release them. Take some time to rest, relax and renew your mind. It’s time to go to your next level and have your best year yet!

Talk to you soon!