Is Your Business an Outlier?

I have always been a voracious reader. There were summers where my mother and I were in the library three to four times a week filling up bags with books to keep me entertained. And I could not tell you the number of batteries I went through from staying up late, hiding under my covers with a flashlight and a book I just could not put down until it was finished!

As a business owner, reading has become a vital necessity in being able to learn new techniques, build better businesses for myself and my clients, and improve my own skillsets. I truly believe that readers are leaders. As I read, I look forward to sharing books that will add value to you as a business leader.

I just recently read Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, a book that truly challenged what I really believed about why some people are successful and seem to have all the good luck and why other’s don’t seem to make a dent in reaching their potential. Before I go too much further, let’s define exactly what an outlier is.

Outlier” is a scientific term to describe things or phenomena that lie outside normal experience. According to the SBA, over 50% of small businesses fail withing 5 years. As business owner, knowing the importance of being an outlier when it comes to the success of your business is a game changer. It also requires that you shift your mindset to learn what will aid in your success. Having a great idea, providing an outstanding service, or working harder than everyone else, while all great and important qualities, they don’t guarantee that you’ll be victorious in overcoming those odds.

Gladwell, gives example after example as to why most of the success stories, such as your Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs, are not simply because they are self-made. In these cases, the year they were born, where they lived, their culture and opportunities presented and taken advantage of all play an integral part in moving them from not only just successful, but also significant. He also shares how having the highest IQ or being from affluent families aren’t necessarily the catalysts that determine who falls short or soars high.

That’s great news for you and your small business! You can become an outlier regardless of IQ or your family, or even your age! This book will help you erase all the excuses on why you can’t be everything you dream of.

The antedotes in this book are entertaining and will likely cause you to say “huh, that’s interesting” several times as you read of those who have achieved amazing things with their lives. Mr. Gladwell states,

“Success is function of persistence doggedness and the willingness to work hard for twenty-two minutes to make sense of something that most people would give up on after thirty seconds.”

So, how persistent and willing are you? How do you plan on separating yourself from the other business owners to become an outlier? Have you developed a strategy for your business success?

Everyday each of us has a choice whether we’ll wait for opportunities to knock on our doors or if we’ll prepare ourselves with a solid plan and the fortitude to knock down doors if we must to succeed. Which will you choose?

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Talk to you soon!