How Secure is your WordPress Website?

How Secure is your WordPress Website?

Frederika Angus

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WordPress for business websites is easy. It allows users to setup, update and maintain content and information quickly. Using WordPress also makes online marketing easier than having to understand coding languages like HTML or PHP. It is a great platform for any size business.

Late last week, according to HostGator a “global attack on WordPress installations across virtually every web host in existence” was identified. It doesn’t just impact the self-hosted versions but the sites as well. 10s of thousands of WordPress based websites have been left vulnerable.

While it’s a little scary to think all the hard work and the investments you’ve made into your website could be destroyed, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your site safe from hackers, spammers and malware.

Easy Steps to Secure Your Website

Backup your website. If you ever find your website hijacked by hackers or even just lose access to your website, having a backup keeps you from having to start from scratch. At minimum, your full WordPress website should be backed up once a month and your WordPress databases daily (or weekly) depending on how often new content is added to your site.

Always maintain the latest and greatest version of the WordPress core. WordPress works to identify and close any open areas that makes it easy for others to access your website without your permission. Not only do the WordPress software updates add new and improved features, you are protecting your website.

Update your theme and plugins. Good theme and plugin developers maintain and guard against any holes in their software that could allow access into your website. WordPress gives alerts in the backend dashboard to update both themes and plugins so you will know when to do so.

Discontinue usage of common administrator username. Usernames such as “admin,” “test,” “administrator,” “Admin,” and “root” are the most commonly used and are being targeting during this current attack. Create a unique username with admin user rights and you will be ahead of the others in avoiding your site being hacked and spammed.

Change your password regularly. Ensure to use numbers, mixed case (upper and lower case letters) and symbols to make it more difficult to guess.

Use security plugins that add a layer of protection. This includes login limiting plugins, and security specific plugins.

All these tasks can be overwhelming with all the other tasks you need to complete in running your company, especially if you are limited in your technical expertise. Check out the WordPress maintenance services I offer. We’d be glad to come along side of you and keep your WordPress website safe, secure and up-to-date every month while you continue the activities that make you money.

Talk to you soon!

Frederika Angus