How Secure is your WordPress Website?

How Secure is your WordPress Website?

Frederika Angus

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WordPress for business websites is easy. It allows users to setup, update and maintain content and information quickly. Using WordPress also makes online marketing easier than having to understand coding languages like HTML or PHP. It is a great platform for any size business.

Late last week, according to HostGator a “global attack on WordPress installations across virtually every web host in existence” was identified. It doesn’t just impact the self-hosted versions but the sites as well. 10s of thousands of WordPress based websites have been left vulnerable.

While it’s a little scary to think all the hard work and the investments you’ve made into your website could be destroyed, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your site safe from hackers, spammers and malware.

Easy Steps to Secure Your Website

Backup your website. If you ever find your website hijacked by hackers or even just lose access to your website, having a backup keeps you from having to start from scratch. At minimum, your full WordPress website should be backed up once a month and your WordPress databases daily (or weekly) depending on how often new content is added to your site.

Always maintain the latest and greatest version of the WordPress core. WordPress works to identify and close any open areas that makes it easy for others to access your website without your permission. Not only do the WordPress software updates add new and improved features, you are protecting your website.

Update your theme and plugins. Good theme and plugin developers maintain and guard against any holes in their software that could allow access into your website. WordPress gives alerts in the backend dashboard to update both themes and plugins so you will know when to do so.

Discontinue usage of common administrator username. Usernames such as “admin,” “test,” “administrator,” “Admin,” and “root” are the most commonly used and are being targeting during this current attack. Create a unique username with admin user rights and you will be ahead of the others in avoiding your site being hacked and spammed.

Change your password regularly. Ensure to use numbers, mixed case (upper and lower case letters) and symbols to make it more difficult to guess.

Use security plugins that add a layer of protection. This includes login limiting plugins, and security specific plugins.

All these tasks can be overwhelming with all the other tasks you need to complete in running your company, especially if you are limited in your technical expertise. Check out the WordPress maintenance services I offer. We’d be glad to come along side of you and keep your WordPress website safe, secure and up-to-date every month while you continue the activities that make you money.

Talk to you soon!

Frederika Angus



Huge Key to Success With Your Direct Sales, Network Marketing Opportunities and Products As An Independent Consultant

Huge Key to Success With Your Direct Sales, Network Marketing

Opportunities and Products As An Independent Consultant

by Frederika Angus


success-key-direct-sales-networking-marketing copy


I use to hate network marketing companies.

Yes, I know hate is a strong word. I’m just being honest. My dad was involved in one (ahem several) as I was growing up. He was constantly at some sales training or networking mixer, hosting a business opportunity meeting at a random hotel ballroom or calling tons of people on the phone to convince them to buy into his product or service.

Before call waiting and waaaay before kids had cell phones, having my dad use the phone for hours just was not going to get rave reviews from me!

But even more than that, every time he started in one of these opportunities our family dynamic changed.

I grew up in a home where family was a top priority. My mom spent 8 years of her life dedicated to being home with me, and creating a comfortable home. She had dinner ready at 6 when my dad walked in and we ate together.

But when my dad had these extra events to go to because of his new business venture that would really bring in the bucks, part of our family fun around the dinner table was missing. And it seemed like he worked so hard but never saw the returns the business opportunity promised.

As I got older and grew in my own career with eCommerce and online marketing and even joined my own direct sales company, I realized what I did not like wasn’t those organizations or even the multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. It was not having my dad around in the name of working a business outside of his full-time job. It was how hard he had to work to see minimal returns.

I work everyday with some incredibly savvy entrepreneurs and business owners. Some of my clients are even in direct sales and networking marketing organizations.

The big key that I’ve seen to their success is instead of travelling all over telling others about their product or services, they’ve branded themselves and moved the relationship building online.

Yes, I know your upline sponsor told you once you got the business kit a standard website was also included. Yes, I understand your special web link that includes your 8 digits customer id tracks your sales for your bonuses.

So why on earth would you invest in an additional website?

People do business with people not products and services. People will remember your unique domain name. They won’t recall your customer ID, or worse yet, what if they mistype it and someone else gets the credit?

Those that have their own custom branded website around who they are and how they can help are seeing amazing results in their business. Bringing a blog along as a major part of the website allows clients and potential business partners to understand who you are, why you believe in your products, and how they work, show off the results that people are having in your organization, and how to get started.

No more reading a script to prospect people. No more having to beg every person you know to try a sample or host a party. No more spending two hours in a hotel conference room after a long day at work or on the weekends.

Branding yourself in direct sales and network marketing with your own website is a game changer.

The best part is your time is now freed up because your branded website can do some of the work for you! A skilled website designer can link your products and services to your specific company link from your branded website and you’ll still get the credit.

Investing in branding yourself on the web works for direct sales and networking marketing and is a huge key to success.

Have you seen results by branding yourself for your company? Do you have questions on what your next step should be?

Leave a comment below. I’d love to help.

Talk to you soon!

Frederika Angus


Using A Blog To Build Your Brand – 5 Tips For Blogging Success

Using A Blog To Build Your Brand – 5 Tips For Blogging Success

by Frederika Angus

Blog for profit Blog with social media tips for beginners

Blogging these days is about as popular as smartphones; nearly everyone has one. And if you aren’t currently writing a blog, it’s likely that you’ve started one and quit writing in the past, you read someone else’s blog regularly, or you have an idea to start one.

Using a blog is one of the most effective ways to share your creativity, inspiration, and message quickly with those it will resonate with. It is also a great tool to use to brand yourself, share your expertise and build a business around. If you’re just staring out with blogging or looking for help to blog successfully, here are a few tips that will help.

1- Be You!

Authenticity is a critical point to branding, building a business and life in general. The popular phrase “Fake it til you make it” does not work well in the blogging world. People are naturally more suspicious of things that sound to good to be be true. No wants you to be perfect. Being perfect is a myth. Being the real, genuine, best you on your blog will results in building a brand that doesn’t feel like a production. Your blog will become the natural extension of who you are.

2- Be Positive!

When building a brand, save the drama. People may enjoy and laugh and agree with you for a while, but do you want your internet lasting legacy to be one of negativity? Think about the books, tv shows, and friends you enjoy and like to regularly read, watch and be around. If you’re like me, it’s very likely that negativity is draining and you much prefer the positive inspiration to constant negative news. Create that same culture for your brand through your blog.

3- Be Consistent!

Show up and write regularly. Attention spans tend to be short so if you don’t show up, you will quickly be forgotten. Bring your brand to the top of mind for your followers consistently. Once you determine your routine, this will be easy!

4- Be Focused!

Before you start, decide what exactly you will be blogging about. Try not to shift and jump around. For instance, if I talking about branding then jump into discussing makeup and fashion, that will create a disconnect between the topics and with my followers. Decide your focus and the topics you will discuss on your blog. When people arrive at your blog it should be clear what you are about and the type of information they will receive.

5- Be Diverse!

Everyone doesn’t like to read blogs in the same fashion. Some may like to go directly to your website, while others prefer to read them directly from their email. Other’s may happen upon your blog from the many social media outlets you post on. Be sure to provide your blog content in diverse ways. Being able to stay connected with your followers in the method they prefer most, will be beneficial in growing your following and spreading your message through blogging!

I hope you enjoy these tips!

Post below if you have any questions or to just let me know how these tips help you out!

Talk to you soon!

Frederika Angus


Benefits of Regular Website Maintenance with a WordPress Backup

Benefits of Regular Website Maintenance with a WordPress Backup

by Frederika Angus


Several times the past couple months I’ve had a call from frantic business owners. It goes like this.

Frantic client: Frederika it’s broken! You gotta fix it.

Me: What’s broken? What happened?

Frantic client: I went to update a plugin / install a WP update and lost my whole site.

Me: That’s ok. Send me a copy of your full site backup and you’ll be back online in a few minutes.


Me: You did have a full site backup, right?

*more uncomfortable silence*

Sometimes installing new plugins, updating themes or new versions of WordPress can cause all the backend code to be affected and stop working together in harmony. This can result in 404 error pages, the inability to login to the WP dashboard or even the loss of your site content which includes widgets, themes and images. A crashed server can cause loads of damage to your business. And can you imagine having to recreate all the blog posts and articles you’ve already put your hard work into once?

The major benefit of being in WordPress is the ease of making your own updates on the fly. Not being able to write your blog articles, create new sales pages, or even point customers to your website is a major problem. These things directly impact your ability to be profitable online. If time is money, every minute you’re not able to effectively serve your clients online is money going down the drain.

Having a technical expert come along side of what you are already doing to keep you up to date is a valuable investment. Unlike a home alarm system monitoring where IF something happens THEN the company jumps into action to find a resolution; monthly WordPress backups ensure your site is ready BEFORE the need arises.

If you haven’t been at a minimum been backing up your wp database, start today. It can save you from feeling frustrated in the event your WordPress site ever goes haywire on you.

Talk to you soon!


GoDaddy Outage Impacts Millions – Your Next Steps

GoDaddy Outage Impacts Millions – Your Next Steps


Hey guys-

I wanted you all to know that if you have a website hosted by GoDaddy, you may find that your site is currently unavailable. A quick check of the GoDaddy Twitter account confirms that they are “aware of the trouble people are having with our site” and are working on a fix.

Here are a couple articles from TechCrunch and Mashable to keep you informed:

GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions Of Sites, Anonymous Member Claims Responsibility

GoDaddy’s DNS Servers Go Down, Along With Thousands of Sites

The Mashable article also gives steps on how to switch to a new web host once your service is restored.

If you want to switch to a different web host, HostGator has so generously offered a coupon code. Click here to go to HostGator and use coupon code ‘godaddyisdown’ for 30% off your initial hosting invoice! They are also offering $9.95 domains as well with the same coupon!

Edited: HostGator is providing some really competitive rates. I found this additional information from their Facebook site. “Sweeten the deal you say? Sure! How about up to the first 6 months free on new hosting accounts? Annual or longer billing cycles are currently 50% off. We’re also offering domain registrations for 50% off currently!!” This is still using the godaddyisdown coupon code.

I am glad to help you switch your web host if you need assistance. Please contact me here!

I do want you to remember that these sort of technical issues happen. While it can be very frustrating particularly for business owners, you’re also a champion and you can adjust situations as needed. It is always a best practice to be able to reach your clients and customers via multiple channels including social media, and email.

If you haven’t been utilizing these methods to date and would like to implement an additional way to connect and engage with your clientele in addition to having a website, please let me know.

Talk to you soon!