Services For Your Online Business

Dear Successful Business Owner,

Often you have the task of wearing all the hats to make your business go. You’re the visionary that sets the direction for your brand.  You serve your clients with excellence daily. And outside of  your business, you make time for the people and things you love. Between all these activities lies marketing. Marketing is the activity that helps you reach and retain customers. Although it is usually one of the first budgets to be cut in corporations, companies that fail to invest into marketing have trouble growing their business, making a profit and having their message heard.

You already understand that having your business online is no longer just an option. Your online real estate (your website, and social media presence) give you the most affordable and quickest way to reach your ideal clients exactly where they are everyday.

But what do you do when you have limited technical skills, no time to learn the changing online marketing strategies, a business to grow and clients to serve?

Hiring multiple professionals from virtual assistants, copywriters, SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) experts, to web developers and graphic designers helps to get some pieces of the online marketing puzzle done. But instead of relieving your overwhelm, you’ve created a situation where you are emailing, calling and micromanaging independent contractors. Dealing with several firms and freelancers can be a real headache for busy businesses. Tasks and projects are still slipping through the cracks because you are not top of everything – you can’t be. You have a business to run. And even when you have all the pieces, you still have to determine how to bring them all together.

I have created your solution to get your online marketing projects completed and making you money.

We work with businesses (non-profits, startups, entrepreneurs and corporations) to effectively plan, manage and implement projects virtually. We provide you all the key services required to support you in growing and marketing your business online.

Our Service Offerings

web-project-management-services-300x300Project Management Solutions are designed to manage all elements of your projects so that you don’t have to. It is Done For You.  There are critical projects that will move your business forward. You have some virtual professionals but don’t have the time to keep track of all the moving pieces that will see your project and product launches through to completion. This solution is for businesses that don’t have time to plan the details, determine the appropriate resources, continuously communicate the overall project vision to new team members, and track and measure the results. [GET STARTED NOW…]




Our Online Marketing Services for businesses and brands provide the pieces needed to effectively market your business online. You know getting your brand in front of your customers online via your website (with eCommerce functionality), social media, and email marketing is essential. These services are for entrepreneurs, small businesses and brands that aren’t ready for full project management or only need a specialized service. [GET STARTED NOW]





Consulting Services are necessary when you are not sure of the proper direction to go.  You will receive marketplace strategies to help evaluate your exisiting online presence and branding, develop your internet marketing plan and establish your business in a revenue generating niche that attracts clients. I work one-on-one with you bringing 14 years of online experience. [GET STARTED NOW…]