All About Frederika

Hi! I’m Frederika Angus.

I am so excited that you are here because you and I already have so much in common.

We are dreamers. Hard Workers. Life loving, persistent, go-getters.

We are leaders. Visionaries. Legacy builders.

We are problem solvers. Solution builders. Thought leaders.

You see, we’re cut from the same cloth.

You are GREAT at what you do. And you’re ready to take your brand and business to the next level.

And I’ve been around business from as long as I can remember. My parents were both accounting majors. My dad even owned his own tax prep firm. As you can imagine, the dinner time conversation was REALLY EXCITING. When I wasn’t falling asleep in my peas, I managed to learn enough about entrepreneurship to start a business and within 8 months generate over 6 figures of revenue.

But let me rewind this story to the beginning.

I am an only child. Which meant growing up if something is broken, I did it. Even if I didn’t, there isn’t anyone else to blame!

It also means you have to entertain yourself 95% of the time. That is why I have a ferocious love of reading, books and obtaining knowledge.  Oh and technology.

My dad made sure we always had the most up to date technology. So starting with the Commodore 64, I began learning the world of computer programming. I remember calling my mom in my room as a young child to watch the screen as I ran the program that changed the blue background to purple. As my love and skill for technology grew through high school, my parents sent me away to Operation Catapult the summer before my senior year of high school to learn more about computers. It was on the campus of Rose Hulman Institute of Technology where I learned of web browsers (anyone remember Mosaic?) and the internet.

I was hooked!

Not only could I program and create cool websites from my imagination for everyone to see, I could now use the internet to talk to other teenagers like me all over the country! I guess you could say I was using social media before it was even called social media.

I knew early on that connecting people with like interests, and similar problems that needed solutions was not going away with the internet. The internet was changing the game and providing instant access to information and people; two things every business needs.

That is why, while I was obtaining a degree in computer science from North Carolina A&T, I began creating websites for student organizations, academic departments and even my professors looking to brand themselves as experts and share their message around the world.

My passion for website development, social media, mobile apps and all things digital marketing has been fostered as a career consultant. I’ve had the honor for past 14 years to perfect my expertise in project management, website development, branding, and graphic design with large corporate brands, like Accenture, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, DaimlerChrysler and Allstate. Many are skilled in working with technology and provide similar services. My brilliance is understanding how the technical parts work in harmony to produce marketing results, develop relationships and generate revenue. 


Next Level Vision was created to serve talented executives, entrepreneurs and experts.

I started the business when I was pregnant with our youngest child in August 2010 with the purpose of developing leaders and equipping businesses for next level marketplace success. I had become frustrated with seeing my peers, clients and other business owners feeling as if they didn’t have the right tools, knowledge or ability to compete with larger marketing budgets AND be profitable in the marketplace. Developing strategy and consulting with leaders come naturally to me as I love to see people take a step-by-step plan and have extraordinary success. From my love of business and people, the company was birthed just months before my husband and I welcomed our fourth (and final) child and only daughter into the world.

Our management firm provides a systematic approach for creating, executing and managing brand campaigns. We are the #1 trusted source for profitable, strategic branding, digital marketing and social media management. We partner with corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations and personal brands to help them be found, be heard and be profitable.

More About Frederika Angus

I am one of the few native Charlotteans (one from Charlotte, NC). Although I was born and raised here, I moved away for college and to pursue my career. My husband and I moved back to Charlotte to raise our family close to our parents, his siblings. We have 4 children (3 boys 11, 8, 6 and 1 girl 1.5 going on 21). I enjoy being a social director and planning parties, events and travel for our family and spending time laughing with friends. I’m very active in our local ministry managing projects and serving in addition to running the business. In my downtime you can usually find me reading, singing, or telling jokes! My motto is Work Hard, Play Hard, and Laugh Harder!

My Kolbe Score is 7-5-6-2 which means I’m a born entrepreneur, strategiest and marketer.

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Talk to you soon!