Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

Before you spend your hard-earned money on bad products, tools or software that just plain doesn’t work, check out my recommendations below. These are some of my favorite resources to help activate, amplify and accelerate your brand campaigns and online marketing. I personally use or have used all of these solutions either within my own business or with my clients.

The minute I remove any of these resources from my own business, I’ll remove it from this page. I want you to have access to the best resources available.

Some of the products below are affiliate links. It doesn’t cost anything extra if you buy from this site and the provider will send a small fee to me if you decide to make a purchase.  You can go directly to their site as well. Either way, check out these links to see if they’ll work for you.

WebHosting/Domain Registration

WordPress is free to use but you will have to pay to register your domain name ( and for your web hosting (the online storage space for your website).

HostGator – Has the best customer service in my opinion. You can use the code “NLVSAVE25OFF” to save 25% off any HostGator hosting package.

GoDaddy – Has awesome deals on domain registration

Premium WordPress Themes

Thesis – Great theme option for SEO and easy for to work with. It will require help for a more customized design.

Genesis – Lots of theme design options out of the box and amazing for SEO

Email Marketing & List Building

Aweber – Very easy to use e-mail marketing software. Great for auto-repsonders


Dropbox – Effective tool to share images and documents without cluttering email inboxes.

Time Management for Business Owners Training – Free training audio with 5 keys to maximize your time as a business owner and entrepreneur