The Social Effect on Marketing: Lessons From the SuperBowl For Small Business Owners

The Social Effect on Marketing: Lessons From the SuperBowl For Small Business Owners

by Frederika Angus


Our house is the party place for any big event. Sporting events, holidays, and every weekend during cookout season, we find ourselves gathered with family and friends and a kitchen full of food. This year’s SuperBowl was no different. Throughout the entire game, even though we were sitting in the same room, we would yell out updates from social media, pass our phones around to show the funniest pictures and Tweet and Facebook the experience we were having. Even though my team didn’t win, all we could talk about by the end of the night were the commercials, who had the best and most memorable marketing, and those brands that didn’t make a favorable impression.

There are three lessons you can take from the brands that advertised during the big game to use in your own small business.

1. Give people a way to act or a call-to-action.  Every commercial gave the viewers a way to interact with a call to action that lead them to social media. To further increase the engagement nearly every brand used a hashtag.

2. Use multi-point interaction for your own live events, conferences, magazine ads and direct mailing. Think of ways to include multiple points of interaction with your customers through contests, or polls being run on the social media platforms.

3. Brands represented with a person over a product are more memorable. Advertising focused solely on the features of their product didn’t make a splash on the social media radar. People prefer to interact with a persona over a logo or a product box. Using your picture in advertising will create a more memorable experience for you customers.

Here are a few articles for you to read about the impact of social media and the SuperBowl Ads.

Social Media Lessons From the SuperBowl Ads

Forbes contributor, Haydn Shaughnessy shares the benefit in being able to respond realtime to marketing efforts via social media. The brands which react the best and fastest will be able to out perform those with the same static message. Brands emphasized Twitter in marketing efforts with use of hashtags.

Oreo Super Bowl Spot Attracts Thousands of Instagram Followers

3-second call-to-action at the end of Oreo’s Super Bowl commercial, which debuted during the game Sunday, has increased Oreo’s Instagram following by tens of thousands.

9 Brands That Thought Fast on Social Media During the Super Bowl

The unexpected power outage caused brands to enhance the likeability of their brand through quick wit. They immediate began using social media advertising by bidding on keywords being used like power outage.

How Oreo Culture-Jacked The Super Bowl

Oreo had a team in place in a social media war room to react quickly. Being able to produce content within minutes caused their image to be retweeted, or shared, more than 14,500 times on Twitter.

What one take away do you have from the usage of social media during the Super Bowl? Share it with me below!

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