Faith and Fear In Your Life and Business

Faith and Fear In Your Life and Business

by Frederika Angus

This week we returned from a wonderful family vacation in Tennessee. Taking a break from the everyday norm is so necessary. Particularly as a business owner it helps to rejuvenate and refresh you. Unlike many of our vacations, we had no agenda or plan for what we would do. With no alarms set we focused on enjoying family time together, seeing relatives, spending time on the lake along with lots of food, fun and laughs.



During our time away the kids also played unspeakable hours of video games. Instead of complaining about the amount of time they spent entertaining themselves while it rained outside, I made it a point to get into their world and experience those things they enjoy. We usually have great conversations and I can relate some teachable moments because everyone’s guard is down. (Parenting tip!)

Learning to play Mario Kart provided a lot of laughter and jokes. (I crash more than I drive!) At one point I was pressing both the buttons to go forward and go in reverse at the same time. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize it is impossible to go both in a forward and backward motion simultaneously. Everyone else was passing me by in the race because I was basically stuck in neutral. No progress was being made although I had the same tools everyone else playing did. I was holding my own self back.

How many times have you felt just like I did with your business and life? Knowing that you have the potential to go just like everyone else but feel like everyone else is passing you by?

Are you pumping the brakes to your success?


Cars do not move if you have your foot on both the gas and brakes at the same time. The same is true with the vision you have for your business and life. Faith is the gas that moves you and the vision for your life and business forward. It accelerates you. Fear, however, slows momentum down to a slow crawl and eventually a halt if applied long enough.

You may see fear in your life and business any many different ways. Fear could be showing up through procrastination, not outsourcing or getting help, doubting you ability or value and even failing to follow up and follow through with friends, family and clients.

Dale Carnegie said, “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

So release the brakes of fear and take action.

I believe in you!

Talk to you soon,

Frederika Angus

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