Putting the Joy Back Into Your Business

Putting the Joy Back Into Your Business

by Frederika Angus

Do you remember how you felt when you first came up with the idea for your business? Do you recall how excited you were to take on this new challenge?

Most business owners start their entrepreneurial journey with a lot of excitement. As you begin to diligently make plans and set up the business that will be the source of freedom and additional streams of income, you are glad to make sacrifices. You know that your dedication and commitment to your business will pay off.

But as the days, months and years go on, sometimes you realize that the thrill is gone. You’re not exactly sure how it happened but the business of running the business starts to weigh you down. Instead of anticipation for the challenge each day brings, you feel a sense of dread.

How can you begin to enjoy your business again?

Having joy in your business is important. Joy becomes fuel for the engine that runs your business. It helps eliminate stalling and allows you to move forward into the plans you’ve made for your business with ease.

Start each day with an attitude of gratitude. You have made a decision to live the life of your choosing as an entrepreneur. You may have the flexibility of work at home daily, or even setting your own hours. Celebrate the freedom that small business ownership brings.

“The secret of joy in work is contained in one word – excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.” –Pearl Buck. You are a highly skilled and talented business professional. When you perform and over-deliver to your clients and customers, you are rewarded financially through payment. But even bigger than money, the emails and notes of appreciation will continue to fuel your excellence.

Take time off. If you are really feeling burnt out, you are likely taking on too many of the tasks in business or you are working on delivering and over-delivering on the items you must take care of and never step away from the business. Schedule time daily to take time away from your business tasks. Take a quick walk or do something you enjoy with the people you love. When you return back to work, you’ll feel energized and have the ability to get work done with a positive attitude instead being overwhelmed.

Eliminate the stressors, time consumers and/or the mundane activities. It is easy as a solopreneur to get caught up in taking on many tasks. If the activity is causing stress, takes up you valuable time, or you just dislike doing it, eliminate the task or find a better person to do it. Saving money by doing it all yourself at the cost of your sanity, joy and health is never worth it.

Talk to someone. Share your challenges with your business coach or even a trusted colleague. Sometimes all it takes is a good conversation with someone to shift your perspective back to one of joy.

Talk to you soon!