1. Your information is so TRUE! Being the ‘face’ of my business has branded me as my best advertisement. When I’m out people always approach me with, “hey, you’re Beautie_Cutie…I follow you on Twitter, we’re friends on FaceBook, I love your website/blog…” I must say, it’s a great feeling! People then feel a personal connection to YOU and your BRAND.

  2. Hello
    I have always been shy about having a picture up of myself. Why, I really do not like the camera or attention placed on me. Silly I know. I have been on twitter for a few months now. I do find it hard work and have only recently updated to my real name as oppose to my business name. I am thinking about putting a photograph up although there is one on my website. I have also put a family photo up on Facebook and that took a lot of persuading by my husband. Do you think it’s too late to put one up on twitter? Will the longer I take to do it make it more difficult?


    • Frederika Angus says:

      Hi Paulette!

      Let me encourage you. Most people are far more critical of themselves than other people are. People would LOVE to see your face. I peeked at your picture on your website and you are beautiful. Especially because you are providing home-cooked food, the best way to set yourself apart from every other cook is with you.

      Food is so often more than just being food. It becomes an event enjoyed with friends and family. Bring that wonderful smile to the dinner table of your customers while they are enjoying those wholesome Caribbean dishes. Making the switch now won’t be confusing to your followers and you’ll probably find you’ll attract even more and become more memorable.

      Best wishes!


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