Social Media Has Changed How I Watch TV

Social Media Has Changed How I Watch TV

by Frederika Angus


In the United States, people are popping their popcorn and settling down with their TVs on and their laptop or smartphone near by. It’s about time for another Presidential Debate. Now I’m not big on politics, but I do like to be informed. Besides when over 75% of my Facebook News Feed and nearly ALL of my Twitter feed is filled with status updates on the debates, I can’t help but want to tune in.

My husband and I listen to the candidates with our eyes firmly on our smart phones, looking for the funniest tweet, or most interesting picture that is going viral during the broadcast. I’m one to follow the Twitter or Instagram hashtags to find the best content, while he searches for certain well-known entertainers to give him the best laugh. For nearly 2 hours, we pass our phones back and forth amused and entertained, not from the actual content of the debate, but from social media!

Social media has completely changed how I watch TV!

I’m not a huge TV watcher by nature. I’d much prefer to read or listen to music. Unless it’s football season and my favorite team the San Francisco 49ers are playing. Then I’m glued to the tube. But I’ve digressed. When I do tune in to a show, it’s almost unnatural to do so without my phone in hand. It’s like having a huge viewing party with all of my closest social media fans!

From a marketing perspective, I’ve seen both the campaigns do some amazing marketing during the debate, including buying hashtags on Twitter and investing in ads on Facebook to target their ideal market.

Here are a couple articles to see how they’ve been using social media to market for a political position:

Obama Beats Romney in Internet Savvy & Social Media

Romney Facebook App Asks You to Message Friends for His Campaign

The Presidential Campaign on Social Media


Does this give you any ideas on how you can utilize the different social media platforms to market to your ideal customers?

Come over to my Facebook Page and tell me about them!


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Using Facebook Images For Larger Engagement

Using Facebook Images For Larger Engagement

by Frederika Angus

For those smart businesses that are already ahead of the curve and are using Facebook timeline pages to do your marketing and business activities, each week you’ll receive an email from Facebook. It will give some brief details on how many new likes your page has received and how many people are talking about your page.

When using Facebook for marketing your business, the goal is to obtain Like, Shares and Comments. These three things are the key components that drive the “talking about this” number that are shown on all business pages.

One of the most effective ways I have been able to get results in increasing engagement for my clients, besides having them personally show up and talk to their fans several times a day, is using photos, and graphic images. The social culture loves to be able to like an image, or share something that resonates with quickly. A well designed image draws people to your content easily in their sometimes overcrowded timeline. Remember, there is a reason why Facebook switched to the timeline format for profiles and pages with the great option to brand using the cover image. They also bought Instagram, the fastest growing photo-sharing social media platform. Photos and even text images give you an advantage.

Check out a few articles on the topic:

Photos, Engagement are Key for Facebook Marketing Success

This summer at a Facebook Marketing Conference, the panel all agreed that photos and personal engagement with fans usually leads to success.

For Brand Engagement, Visuals Rule

In a study of the top 10 brands on Facebook, users liked photos twice as often as text updates.

How One Startup Beat Walmart in Facebook Engagement

This is a great story from Forbes on a startup small business is using Facebook and getting amazing engagement using images!

Those same results are possible for you.

So tell me, how will your brand start using images to engage your faithful fans?

Talk to you soon!


Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Producing Leads, Relationship or Revenue

Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Producing Leads, Relationship or Revenue

by Frederika Angus

I came across an article on titled Social Media Marketing: Why It’s Not Paying Off. As a marketplace strategist and digital marketing expert, I was at first taken aback by the title. I’ve seen first hand how social media can help brands and businesses be found, be heard and also be profitable.

The article discusses that most businesses aren’t seeing the returns of the time capital they are investing on social marketing. As I thought further about why this may be true, 3 things stood out.

1) Spending too much time on social media – As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance and necessity in some instances to wear multiple hats while carrying a tray of full plates. Sometimes it feels like we could run off and join the circus with our juggling skills. One of the biggest gripes I hear from clients just like you is that there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Have you ever said that? Smart businesses understand that a social media presence is not just a nice to have; it’s a necessity. It’s where potential clients and customers check you out and even see what their friends say about you before spending with you. And it is important for your brand to show up consistently on social media.

Because it can be an effective tool for lead generation, some believe more time on social media creates more leads. In many ways this is true. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be the one to post all of your content. This is definitely one of those activities that can be easily outsourced. Perhaps you have another employee that is well versed in all things social. If not, look for a social media marketing firm that is skilled in not only being on the social media platforms but also in building connection and relationships on social media. This brings me to my 2nd point.

2) More talking than listening – Have you ever been frustrated in a conversation with someone more concerned about getting their point across over hearing what you’re saying? One of my favorite John Maxwell quotes sums it up perfectly. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” For me this is an integral part of my businesses core values. I am honored and very grateful to have clients that I partner with that I not only care about, I like them too!

When it comes to social media you’ll notice several different user types. Some are personal users and use the social sites as their online journals (read: lots of TMI). Then there are the business users that use the platform solely promote themselves and their business. In my experience and those of my clients, the most profitable and productive social media marketing efforts are those where the focus is not only what you have to offer, but also on communicating and interacting with your ideal clients where they hang out online.

3) Targeting everyone – There are 950 million on Facebook as of June 2012. There are 140 million active on Twitter as of March 2012. You would need a huge funnel to handle prospecting through all those leads available on social media. Marketing on social media is no different than traditional marketing. Knowing your ideal client profile is the foundation all marketing campaigns must be built on. While it is tempting to want to sell your products to everyone, you build the greatest brand loyalty and relationship by focusing on those who are already looking for what you solution provides.

Now tell me

Have you tried Social Media Marketing?

What is your biggest challenge with using social media for your business?

Leave me a comment below and let me know!


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Social Media Day is tomorrow! Be sure to join the fun!

Social Media Day – June 30, 2012
by Frederika Angus


It’s that time of year again where we celebrate all things social media! Back in 2010 Mashable created Social Media Day in an effort to “recognize the digital revolution” happening everday on social platforms.

Social media enthusiasts are gathering all over the world on June 30th. If you’re interested in finding a meetup you can join in your local area, be sure to go to and search by your city.

In honor of Social Media Day, I will be posting social media tips all day on my Facebook Page and on Twitter that will help enhance your brand. You don’t want to miss out on all the valuable information  so be sure to click here and Like me on Facebook now and click here to follow me on Twitter.

Can’t wait to hang out with you all on Social Media Day!

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The Key Component of Effective Social Media Campaigns

The Key Component of Effective Social Media Campaigns
by Frederika Angus


I love all things social. Apparently I have been a social butterfly since I made my grand entrance into the world. To this day, my mother would swear that after my first breath, instead of crying like “normal babies,” I looked around the room and said, “Who?” As if to ask, who invited all of you to my party! (Let’s just say that the account could be exaggerated by her extreme joy of my arrival after 18 hours of labor.) All that said, if it involves communication, both written and verbal, I am on it!

Last evening while managing my Facebook page, I noticed that I was invited to an event that started at 8:30pm. My first thought was who invites someone to an event 2 hours before it starts? Don’t they know I have to have the right outfit and right shoes?

Upon closer investigation, the invite came from someone who isn’t on my friend’s list and the event’s title was Congratulations** JetBlue Airlines Have Chosen You!

“Awesome!” I thought to myself. “I won! All have to do is click this link… but wait I don’t fly JetBlue, how would they know to choose me? And wait I don’t get to wear sparkly shoes to the party?!”

I recognized that the sneaky social media marketers where looking for unsuspecting users that would click the link, input their email addresses, so they could blast offers that have nothing to do with airlines or tickets.

As a marketer, I know having customer email addresses are extremely valuable. It allows you to connect with you with your ideal clients, both prospective and current. Obtaining those email addresses however must be done with integrity.

Post image for The Key Component of Effective Social Media Campaigns

Effective social media campaigns will seek first to serve, develop relation and then offer what their fans are asking for. Businesses that follow this model will see long-term brand loyalty.

Consumers have been trained to be skeptical of marketing tactics that are too good to be true. Unfortunately, some companies have not been ethical in how they generate their revenue and misuse marketing and positioning leaving customers jaded. While this may make it tougher for high-quality brands, it doesn’t make your marketing efforts impossible.

Your authenticity and integrity in marketing will boost your brand’s reputation and attract the right clientele. Ensure your social media marketing campaigns are focused on ethically showcasing your company. Doing so will allow your brand to shine!

Talk to you soon!



What is Pinterest and Why Businesses Should Be Paying Attention


What is Pinterest and Why Businesses Should Be Paying Attention

by Frederika Angus


Pinterest. It’s social media’s newest fastest growing platform. It’s been around for almost 2 years and this past Tuesday reached 11.7 million monthly active users. If you have a business that requires you market to consumers, pay attention to what’s going with Pinterest.

The best part about Pinterest is that unlike using SEO techniques to rank highly in google search, this platform allows users to discover and experience your brand visually. And unlike Facebook and Twitter where the content visibility is limited to the time you post it, pinning content goes on and on as more people collaborate and share within the same interest.

Post image for What is Pinterest and Why Businesses Should Be Paying Attention

Get up to speed quickly on why your brand should care about this social media platform and how to get started right away.

Great article on the basics on Pinterest from Mashable

Tips on how to read your ideal customer’s mind using Pinterest

Very specific ways for your brand can leverage Pinterest

Using Pinterest for Marketing

9 Ways to capture the attention of ideal customers

Let me know what questions you have below.

Find me on Pinterest here and connect with me.

And if you’re convinced that Pinterest is the right platform to expand your brand and ready to get started but need an invite, go to my contact page here I’ll make sure you get an invite sent to you with 24-48 hours.

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Stand Out From the Crowd with your Social Media Content

Stand Out From the Crowd with your Social Media Content

by Frederika Angus


Social media can be overwhelming. Especially when you are using social media for your business and you want to be heard and stand out from the crowd.

At the end of 2011, Facebook had on average 483 million daily active users. Twitter had over 100 million active users. Google+ had more than 150 million active users. Those numbers are continuing to be on the rise.

That’s a lot of competition!

It’s like being a small fish in a small pond with millions of other small fish for small businesses.

Post image for Stand Out From the Crowd with your Social Media Content

And at the rate that social media moves, your ideal customers can forget about you just as quickly as they found you. It’s like my mom always told me, “Out of sight. Out of mind.”

Your brand cannot afford to be out of sight from potential revenue generating opportunities nor out of the mind of your ideal clients. This is why your branding efforts on social media is critical for you to stand out. Social media branding is bigger than a great profile picture or background. While your brand strategy should incorporate visual elements, those visual elements should help support your overall brand message.

How do you expand your brand through social media in a stand out way?

Too often I see the “self-proclaimed experts” sharing the ideas and opinions of everyone else and very little of their own original content. It’s fine to share great articles and quotes that resonate with you from others … occasionally through out the day. The trouble starts when you begin to bombard your following with everyone else’s opinion.

This style of social media content distribution downgrades your expert credibility and leaves them with questions like:

If you are the expert, where’s your opinion? Why should I follow you if I can just follow the person whose content you’re always promoting?

It’s difficult to differentiate why you are different from the thousands of competitors you have on social media with this strategy. That’s why it is vital that your website has blog functionality attached to it or that it is completely built using a content management system like WordPress.

You have to be the creator of valuable content that your target market can’t wait to not only read, but consume.

3 Tips For Stand Out Content in Social Media

  1. Commit to writing at least twice a week. Yes, I understand you have work to do and you don’t need another thing on your plate. This is only recommended this to those who want to go beyond their current level of success. Your ideal customers are consuming the majority of their content in snippets of 140 characters and through article links on status updates. Get your brand in front of them consistently to avoid the out of sight, out of mind syndrome.
  2. Use current events as a way to attract into your niche. We are in a right now society. Content that is quickly consumed and shared via social media is relevant to what is going on in the world. After Steve Jobs died, the internet and social media platforms immediately had articles and graphics posted for others to consume from all different perspectives. Write content in your niche that people are currently searching and looking for.
  3. Share you! People recognize and respect authenticity. Don’t be afraid to be genuinely you as your write. It’s not necessary for you to write like a journalist for people to love and appreciate what your write. Ensure that your content sounds the same as if someone was talking to you across the table sharing coffee. The best way stand out in the conversation is to contribute content with your unique and fresh way of thinking.

Stand out brands are leaders in their industry. Social media is a great, cost-effective avenue to expand your brand quickly. Elevate your social media strategy by standing out with your content.

Talk to you soon!

Building Your Small Business, Networking and Having Enough Time to Spend With Your Family. Is It Possible?

Building Your Small Business, Networking and Having Enough Time to Spend With Your Family. Is It Possible?

by Frederika Angus

When you decided to go into business, your goal was probably to generate an income, a substantial income. Now it wasn’t all about the money, but the lifestyle that the additional money could provide for you. This business was supposed to be a bridge between the life you currently have and the one you dream about. You know, the life where you live comfortably without the stress of bills, are free to dictate how you spend your time instead of being told, and enjoy doing fulfilling work and serving your clients.

I wholeheartedly believe that entrepreneurship is a great vehicle to make all of those things happen. As an entrepreneur, I can also tell you that all of those things don’t happen if you don’t make enough money in your business to eliminate the need for a full or part-time job. One of the best ways to put money in the bank is to have a large enough funnel of prospective ideal clients.

Networking to expand your brand and reach of influence is a very smart way to to gain new customers. Unfortunately, the way networking is typically done does not produce a very good ROI, or return on your (time) investment.

I received a great question from a client requesting tips on how to add networking to an already full plate. What is a busy entrepreneur that loves time with their family, has an additional job and is even going to school to better their skills for their clients to do?

Really there are only two options (since we know not networking means no new work coming in). Either you decide to network live or online. Let me explain.

If you decide you will do in-person networking events, be selective. I value spending time with my family and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Every event that presents itself for networking is not necessarily the event for me. Select events where you know that the people in attendance are of high quality. These are the people that are not at events because they want to be seen or they have nothing else to do. Be mindful to associate and network with people who may know your ideal client or even potentially be your ideal client.

Also understand that at networking events you are the representative for the brand. Yes, especially at live networking events, you are branding via your business cards and your overall appearance and attitude. Because of the corporate clients that I attract, I understood the importance of being memorable in a very cookie cutter industry. My cards are intentionally not like most. It has a flair and quality that reflects me and allows me to standout days and even weeks after meeting someone. Just this past week I happened to run into a person from a past business function and he identified me first by my business card which reminded him I was unique in the marketplace and that we should talk further.

Learn how to network online from your couch and even while you sleep!  You have enough going on in your life that you don’t need “one more thing to do.” Networking usually takes time away from the things or the people that you would prefer to spend your time with. If you are not already making good use of the technology that is available, start today. Connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to help expand your online network. Developing relationships on these platforms is a good way to also expand your brand where your ideal clients hang out without being intrusive.

If your networking purpose is to generate new leads and prospective customers, there are strategic methods, systems and tools that you can use that will work for you even while you aren’t working your business. Weigh your return on investment. Would you rather spend 2 hours talking to a person in hopes that you will be able to schedule a meeting that might one day lead to a customer? Or would your 2 hours be better spent with friends, family, or even doing what you love and taking care of yourself while your lead generation is handled for you?

Over the next few weeks, we will further discuss how to build your brand online in such a strategic way that you are actively adding new prospects to your network because they are already looking for you. I’m looking forward to sharing these innovative strategies and techniques that will take your business to the next level.

In the meantime, be sure to post any comments or questions you have below.

Talk to you soon!