Keeping the Momentum Going in 2013

Keeping the Momentum Going in 2013

by Frederika Angus

2013 is our year

Every year at this time, I see and hear others wishing away the previous year and anxiously awaiting the upcoming year. They know that this time it’s different. That this year this is really it! All their hopes and dreams, goals and aspirations must come true this year. It is as if right after they party like it’s 1999, some sort of magical hocus-pocus happens.

For those of us who have put in the hard work, dedication and built up steam, the last thing we want is to start over from the beginning. We just don’t have time to go back to the starting block. As we write the next chapter in our lives titled 2013, keep the momentum going. Do not turn away from all the work you have put into your business and brand. Where your website, blogging, social media and marketing efforts are working, KEEP MOVING FORWARD! And in those instances where you know you need to accelerate or even begin building in those areas, write the plan, get help and make it happen.

I fully believe that 2013 is indeed our year. For those looking to bring your dream of entrepreneurship online, the time is now and the opportunity is ripe. Social media is growing at an accelerated rate. People are craving the relationship that happens online through blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Your business and your brand’s message is important and sharing that message is going to change lives, not only your own, but those that you serve.

This is an exciting time!

Let’s take 2013 by storm with our momentum. I’m so honored to serve each of you and I’m looking forward to continuing to do so in this new year.

Happy New Year!


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